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  • Are there workshops and panels at Island FanCon?
    Yes. There are workshops on acting, costume design, writing and more. Panels and workshop titles and schedule to be released closer to the event.
  • What is Artist’s Alley?
    Artist’s Alley is a section of Island FanCon which will feature a variety of international, national, regional and local artists. Featured works include sketches, paintings, photographs, sculptures infused with science fiction, fantasy, comics and pop culture.
  • What will the celebrity guests be doing at Island FanCon?
    All celebrity guests will be doing autographs and photographs with fans from their stations. Each of them will also be participating in interviews with fan Q&A sessions on our main stage.
  • What is Island FanCon?
    Island FanCon is an Annual Convention that hosts Celebrities and Influential People in Film, Books, Animation, Entertainment and more. We aspire to promote opportunities for anyone interested in all things pop culture to unite and celebrate fandoms. The next event is to be held in Langford, BC on April 13-14, 2024 at City Centre Park
  • Where can I get more information about Island FanCon?
    Facebook IslandFanCon Instagram IslandFanCon Tickets for Island FanCon are on sale at Eventbrite
  • Is there an additional charge for autographs and photos from celebrity guests?
    Yes. As is standard with fan conventions, each celebrity guest has a fee for autographs and photos. These vary with each guest.
  • What is cosplay?
    Cosplay refers to costume play. Many attendees of fan conventions enjoy dressing in costumes inspired by their favorite film, television, or comic book characters. Northern FanCon also has three Cosplay Contest categories. These include Novice, Journeyman, Masters and Youth.
  • What exhibitors will be at Island FanCon?
    There will be a unique selection of exhibitor booths/vendors with an array of businesses including: comic book retailers, toy stores, board games, stores, video games, clothing retailers and more.


  • All Fan Con attendees may feel free to take pictures or video at the convention. However, please be respectful of other attendees while doing so and be mindful of the areas in which you are permitted to take photos or recordings. Proper signage will indicate areas where photography or video is prohibited.

  • Do not obstruct walkways or attractions when taking photographs or video.

  • Recording (including live-streaming apps) and flash photography are not permitted in Panels, Concerts or Screenings.

  • Recording and photos are also not permitted in certain parts of our autograph area. Please understand that Guests may or may not pose for photographs with Fans. Guests have a right to their privacy and if they ask not to have their picture taken at the autograph area, please respect their wishes.

  • Always ask permission before taking a photograph or video of someone in costume.

  • Please do not photograph or videotape underage attendees without their parents’ permission.

  • Please wait in line to get a photograph or video with celebrities and guests.

  • Please do not take photographs or video where not permitted, including at artist tables and in prohibited areas.

  • Remember to keep an eye on your camera and equipment at all times. The convention is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Attendees should be aware that media will be in attendance at the convention, and may be photographed or filmed at any time.


  1. All attendees are expected to act in a safe, sensible, respectful, and responsible manner. Attendees assume any and all risk and responsibility for any damages to themselves, other people, or property while at the convention.

  2. Island Fan Con is a family-friendly convention. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees and be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Cover your body parts. “No costume” is not a costume. “Paint” is not a costume, either. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments (i.e. dance belt, etc.). If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.

  4. Protective footwear is highly recommended, but not required. Attendees assume any and all responsibility and risk if insufficient footwear is chosen not to be worn.

  5. All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

  6. Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols like swastikas, will not be tolerated at Island Fan Con.

  7. Roller blades, roller skates and skateboards will not be allowed in the convention center.

  8. Please, no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged/touched, etc. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

  9. Service Animals are allowed assuming they are wearing the proper identification and you pick up after them.


No functional weapons are allowed at Island FanCon. Simulated or costume weapons (props) are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security and compliance with the following guidelines:

  1. ALL props must be inspected at the Props Check area. Security will thoroughly inspect and mark props of any kind to ensure that they are safe and inoperable.

  2. All costume props must conform to provincial and federal law.

  3. All props must be easily distinguishable from real weapons and must be constructed from safe, lightweight material. Approved materials are: rubber, plastic (PVC, worbla, etc.), foam, light woods, cardboard and papier-mâché.

  4. After each props has been checked, it will be tagged by security. Security will escort you to the Props Check area for inspection if props have not been properly tagged. Once your props have been inspected, do not remove the tag for any reason. If it becomes removed, please report back to Prop Check.

  5. Costume props that do not pass security inspection will not be permitted in the convention center.

  6. All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, silly string, blow guns, and water guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted.

  7. Nerf guns are allowed, but ammunition of any kind (foam or otherwise) is prohibited. Nerf guns must pass props check and will have triggers zip-tied to prevent guns from firing.

  8. Plastic air-soft guns are permitted with several requirements: No ammunition or projectiles of any kind will be allowed. Air-soft guns must be rendered completely inoperable beforehand, that is the gun shall not have any batteries installed, nor gas/propellant in the chamber and the chamber must be filled with wax or similar material. All air-soft guns must have a clearly visible orange tip on the barrel. All air-soft guns will be marked by security at props check and have their triggers zip-tied to ensure that the gun is incapable of firing.

  9. Metal props of any kind are forbidden, including hammers, scissors (including “safety scissors”), screwdrivers, saws, chains, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, shields, X-Men-style claws, handcuffs and the like. No “live steel” is allowed, such as metal swords, knifes or blades of any kind. If you have any of these types of props with your costume, please make sure they are made out of approved materials.

  10. Small, lightweight, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers, Lightsaber handles and umbrellas and wooden wands a la “Harry Potter” are allowed, but must not be used as functional weapons. These items will all be subject to props check.

  11. Costume bows are allowed, in-so-much as they are unstrung, or are so loosely strung that they cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. Prop arrows are permitted, as long as they are not sharply tipped, cannot be fired, are made of approved materials and cannot conceivably hurt anyone.

  12. Costume swords/daggers made from approved materials are allowed, but may not have any sharp edges. Wooden swords are allowed, but must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed. Security will zip-tie swords to their sheaths to ensure that they cannot be drawn. If you wish to draw your sword to pose for a picture, it must be made of approved materials. Metal blades are not allowed, whether they are sheathed or not.

  13. No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials are allowed.

  14. Staffs (staves), similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings,” for instance, will be allowed, insomuch as they are used for walking and/or decoration, and not as a weapon. Wooden staffs are allowed, but must be lightweight and may not have any sharpened edges or tips. All staffs must be inspected by security. Beards are highly recommended for those carrying staffs.

  15. Items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times. These items will be subject to a weapons check.

  16. Incendiary or flammable weapons are prohibited, including any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting.

  17. Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner. (For instance, it’s ok to pose for a picture, but cosplayers should not brandish weapons while walking the event floor.)

  18. Keep prop weapons in convention areas. If you leave the premises or go out into public for any reason, please put away any and all prop weaponry immediately.

  19. Any real weapons purchased or won at Island FanCon that would normally be prohibited by the weapons policy, such as pocket knives, swords, etc., must remain in their original packaging.

  20. All prop/costume weapons purchased at the convention must be approved by Island FanCon security if they are to be carried during the convention. These items must also adhere to the props policy.

  21. Bags and backpacks are allowed, but are subject to a bag check at the discretion of Island FanCon staff and security.

If you do not want to have your props inspected and tagged or if you are unwilling to comply with these policies, please leave them at home. Failure to willingly comply with Island FanCon’s official cosplay rules and props policy may result in ejection from the convention (without a refund) and/or potential legal action, if necessary.

***All rules and regulations are subject to change. ***

Island FanCon reserves the right to inspect all costumes and props on an individual basis in order to ensure that the event remains completely safe and family-friendly. Those who violate these rules assume all responsibility in the event of injury.


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